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Aug 18, 2022

This week we talk about Embrace Group buying up Lord of the Rings IP, NBA 2k23 Jordan Challenge, PGA Tour 2k23 bringing Tiger back, Intel's ARC gpus, Fortnite getting Dragonball Super, Warzone 2's leaked release date, and more!

Aug 11, 2022

This week we talk about Switch Pro possibilities, Tactics Ogre coming up, the fighting game community eating well, NVIDIA's crypto crash problems, Elden Ring coming to Xbox cloud platform, Netflix games, Microsoft blaming Sony for blocking games on Game Pass, and more!

Aug 4, 2022

This week we talk about Black Pink in PUBG Mobile, Google Stadia allegedly shutting down, Sony getting 1440p, DrDisrespect and Midnight Society's Deaddrop, Halo Infinite almost having crafting, JerValin pulling off Halo 2 LASO, Batgirl canceled, HBO Max, and more!

Jul 28, 2022

This week we talk about CD Projekt Red's stock price, Grand Theft Auto 6 getting a female protagonist, Sony possibly buying Square Enix, NVIDIA 4090ti power dreams, and more!

Jul 14, 2022

This week we talk about Ubisoft's Skull and Bones, Blizzard relegating Heroes of the Storm, Nintendo recognizing gay marriage, SEGA announcing the Genesis Mini 2, PlayStation Stars, The Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power, and more!