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Dec 20, 2019

This week we talk about the 2019 Game Awards show winners, the announcement of the Xbox Series X, the Dualshock 4 Back Button, Resident Evil 3 Remake changes, Playstation 5 game Godfall, global hardware sales estimates, trailers like Top Gun Maverick and more!

Dec 14, 2019

This week we talk about the Maker/Disney dropping AngryJoeShow, Twitch signing TimTheTatMan/DrLupo/Lirik, Modern Warfare creating problems, Resident Evil 3 Remake, Forza Horizon 4's The Eliminator battle royale mode, Free Guy, a Home Alone reboot and more!

Dec 6, 2019

This week we talk about Hideo Kojima's horror game, Resident Evil 3 Remake leaks, Phil Spencer getting the next Xbox, Sony celebrates 25 years of playstation, TemTem comes to town, and more!

Nov 30, 2019

This week we talk about Home Story Cup, No Man's Sky Synthesis, Resident Evil 3 Remake, Star Citizen Theatres of War, Final Fantasy 7 Remake, Google Stadia, and more!

Nov 22, 2019

This week we talk about Youtube's COPPA update, Google Stadia sort of launching, X019 recap, Path of Exile 2, Anthem 2.0, Half-Life Alyx and more!